Sergio López

Principal Site Reliability Engineer

SRE at Red Hat

Speaker at Cloud Native Barcelona Meetup

More than 10 years of experience around Systems Administration and Devops practices.

Passionate about Cloud Computing, Cloud Native Applications, Monitoring and everything working around them ensuring a site keeps running smoothly 24x7.

There’s nothing I hate more than doing manual stuff, if I think something may need to be done twice, I always see it as an opportunity to automate it, my motto is: if there is an API, let’s automate it!!

I’ve always been a FOSS enthusiast, but once I joined Red Hat I realized even more about the importance about Open Source, and since then my real journey on FOSS has started, contributing to different projects, as well as sharing some tools I use regularly that can help folks around the Globe.

On September 2019 I started as a Guest Speaker on Cloud Native Barcelona Meetup, organized by my friend and colleague Rael García.


  • Open Source
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Native Applications
  • Kubernetes
  • Monitoring/Observability
  • Automation


  • MSc in Telecommunications Engineering and Management, 2014

    Universitat Politècnica Catalunya

  • BEng in Telecommunications Engineering, 2011

    Universitat Politècnica Catalunya