Sergio López

Principal Site Reliability Engineer

SRE at Red Hat

Speaker at Cloud Native Barcelona Meetup

About me

More than 10 years of experience around Systems Administration and Devops practices.

Passionate about Cloud Computing, Cloud Native Applications, Monitoring and everything working around them ensuring a site keeps running smoothly 24x7.

There’s nothing I hate more than doing manual stuff, if I think something may need to be done twice, I always see it as an opportunity to automate it, my motto is: if there is an API, let’s automate it!!

I’ve always been a FOSS enthusiast, but once I joined Red Hat I realized even more about the importance about Open Source, and since then my real journey on FOSS has started, contributing to different projects, as well as sharing some tools I use regularly that can help folks around the Globe.

On September 2019 I started as a Guest Speaker on Cloud Native Barcelona Meetup, organized by my friend and colleague Rael García.


  • Open Source
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Native Applications
  • Kubernetes
  • Monitoring/Observability
  • Automation


  • MSc in Telecommunications Engineering and Management, 2014

    Universitat Politècnica Catalunya

  • BEng in Telecommunications Engineering, 2011

    Universitat Politècnica Catalunya


Some Open Source projects in which I’ve been involved.



This terraform module tries to standarize the way we configure AWS Cloudtrail in aws accounts


This terraform module tries to standarize the way we configure AWS GuardDuty in aws accounts


This terraform module tries to standarize the way we configure AWS GuardDuty in aws accounts


Lighweight, CRD based Envoy control plane for Kubernetes


Limitador is a generic rate-limiter written in Rust. Limitador can be used with Envoy because it also exposes a grpc service that …


Ansible operator to centralize the setup of 3rd party prometheus exporters on Kubernetes/OpenShift, with a collection of grafana …


A Kubernetes Operator based on the Operator SDK to manage 3scale SaaS (hosted version) on Kubernetes/OpenShift.


This website code, built using Hugo Framework.


Ansible hello-world operator for Kubernetes.


Docker image to put/get secrets from AWS Secrets Manager service using python.


The 3scale Operator creates and maintains the Red Hat 3scale API Management on OpenShift


A set of Grafana dashboards and Prometheus alerts for Kubernetes.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

In which I have participated

Extending the Kubernetes API with Custom Resources, Controllers and Operators

What is the controller pattern? And the operator pattern? How we can use custom controllers to extend the Kubernetes API? How we can …



Principal Site Reliability Engineer

Red Hat

Oct 2018 – Present Barcelona

  • Design, deployment and operation of 3scale API Management SaaS
  • Public cloud: AWS.
  • Infrastructure as code: Terraform.
  • Kubernetes: OpenShift (Red Hat Kubernetes Enterprise), AWS EKS.
  • Containers: Docker, Podman.
  • K8s operators/controllers: operator-sdk (go, ansible).
  • CI/CD: GitOps ArgoCD, Tekton, Prow, GitHub Actions, Jenkins.
  • Security: HashiCorp Vault
  • Monitoring: Prometheus, Grafana, Pingdom, AWS CloudWatch, StatusPage, Pagerduty.
  • Provision and administration: Linux systems.
  • Scripting and development: Bash, Make, Python, Go, Groovy (Jenkins pipelines)
  • Database administration: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Memcached.
  • Config management: Ansible, Puppet.
  • Serverless: AWS Lambda.
  • On call rotation

Cloud Site Reliability Engineer


Feb 2015 – Sep 2018 Barcelona


  • Design, deployment and operation of cloud platforms
  • Public clouds: AWS, GCP and Azure.
  • Provision and administration: Linux and Windows systems and containers.
  • Database administration : MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Redis, SQL Server, Elasticsearch, Memcached.
  • Infrastructure as code: Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, GCP DM, Azure ARM.
  • Automation: Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins.
  • Containers: Docker, Kubernetes on GCP GKE.
  • Serverless: AWS Lambda.
  • Scripting and development: Bash, Make, Perl, Python, PowerShell.
  • Monitoring: Opsview (based on Nagios), Grafana.
  • On call rotation and critical event management.
  • Customer interaction during platform support, project planning and implementation.

Selected achivements

  • Design, automation and operation of critical digital cloud platforms for global customers, check them out at capside.com/about/clients.
  • Company holding AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Google Cloud Premier Partner and Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider status.

Systems Engineer at IoT Platform


May 2011 – Nov 2014 Sant Cugat del Vallès


  • Systems administrator of Linux, OpenEmbedded Linux distributions (ARM), firmware images creation through SDK (CoreCDP, Angstrom, Poky Linux, Yocto Project, Owasys, Raspbian…) and Windows CE devices.
  • Communications/Networking: LAN/WAN.
  • Customers/Providers Management: services, hardware, software…
  • M2M/IoT equipment/devices responsible
  • IT Support/Helpdesk
  • Modem Specialist: commercial/industrial 2G/3G/4G modems (at commands).
  • Quality Assurance of SW: operating systems, software agent, frontend web…
  • Quality Assurance of HW: modems, Linux embedded devices, Windows CE devices…

Main projects

  • Diagnosis application to help with the exploitation of remote devices using Windows CE.
  • Creation/Deletion of VPNs on demmand to enable the interconnection of remote/isolated devices on industrial networks to the Cloud.
  • Automation of system configuration of different M2M devices.
  • Application to control/limit data consumption of remote devices over private APN.

Analyst/Technical Support on e-learning platform (Moodle)

ESADE Business & Law School

Mar 2010 – Apr 2011 Barcelona

  • Analyst/Developer of custom applications over Standard Moodle.
  • IT Support on Moodle utilization.
  • Documentation of Moodle utilization for basic/medium/advanced users.
  • User’s Continuous Training to teach about different uses/possibilites of using Moodle


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

AWS Technical Professional

M102: MongoDB for DBAs

Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) - C1 Level

First Certificate in English (FCE) - B2 Level